Fisher College Dominican Republic Service Learning  Academic and Behavioral Policy Agreement


Student Waiver:



, understand that participation in the Dominican Republic Service Learning program is contingent upon my adherence to the student code of conduct outlined on the Fisher College website.  Any service learning participant who violates the student code of conduct will be excluded from participating in the service learning trip,


Behaviors that would lead to exclusion from the Service Learning program during the trip include, but are not limited to: possession and/or use of alcohol/narcotics,  verbal abuse of staff members or profanity, threatening or displaying physical abuse or fighting, assault,  harassment or discrimination, vandalism or defacing/destroying  property, willful and repeated misbehavior, stealing, hazing, and possession or distribution of drugs and/or weapons.




, understand that I may be excluded from participation in the Dominican Republic Service Learning program for any of the academic or behavioral infractions stated above or infractions that are stated  in the Fisher  College student code of conduct.  I acknowledge that this may lead to monetary loss due to payments that are fully or partially nonrefundable.


I also understand that I alone am responsible for any and all expenses for a premature return trip home from Dominican Republic (airfare, transportation, taxes, penalties, etc.) that incur due to behavioral infractions.  I acknowledge that Fisher College or Partnering People Through Service will not be held responsible for any cost of the return trip if I am determined to be in violation of any school policies.  I agree that this decision to send a student home early due to behavior issues is at the discretion of the group teacher-leaders in conjunction with Fisher College and Partnering People Through Service.

Your signature below indicates your knowledge and consent of the academic and behavioral policies outlined above and their consequence on participation in the  Dominican Republic Service Learning Program.